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Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with SMI SPICES GROUP’s organic and quality spices! We are dedicated to provide the highest quality products sourced from the best fields in Sri Lanka. Our selection of pepper, cloves, cinnamon and other spices are sure to meet your expectation, ensuring you become delighted.


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Best Spices from Sri Lanka


Introducing the SMI SPICES GROUP – the ultimate destination for quality spices! We bring you top-grade spices sourced from only the freshest and finest ingredients, carefully handpicked from our network of farmers. Our commitment to quality guarantees superior flavour and aroma in all our products. So, We are ready to cater to your requirements from the best here from Sri Lanka.

"Spices are the heart and soul of cooking, adding flavor, aroma, and a touch of magic to every dish." - Chef Michael Smith


The finest, freshest pepper has a deep, alluring aroma. Perfectly ground, each sprinkle adds an unbeatable punch of flavor. Its special blend of natural spices adds an exquisite taste to your food, elevating the whole dining experience.


Enjoy the finest quality cloves sourced directly from Sri Lanka, where they are naturally grown. Enjoy the rich, intense flavor and aroma that only this high-end quality can bring. The premier grade of Cloves is sourced from the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka.


Perfect for a variety of culinary applications and recipes, this premium-grade cinnamon from Sri Lanka will help you get the best out of your dishes. Enjoy its sweet, spicy taste, which has been hand-picked for its superior quality.


Sri Lankan Nutmeg is a popular spice loved by many gourmet enthusiasts. With its strong flavor and versatile usage in cooking, it has gained a remarkable reputation in the culinary world.

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Spices of the highest quality available

We at SMI Spices are very well known for the best quality spices sourced from the farmers, this is to ensure we never compromise on the quality. We strongly believe in relationships when it comes to business, therefore we nurture our relationship between the buyers. This has really made the process much easier and trustful for the clients. We are with the principle of “win win”, we ensure our clients are satisfied and we are keen on our aftersales. All our processes are streamlined to guarantee the best services to our prestigious clients.